Welcome to the domino foundation

The domino foundation is mainly working in underdeveloped countries, primarily focusing on Bangladesh. Since 2005 the foundation has established ten Primary Schools in cooperation with local partners. Education makes an important contribution to overcome poverty.

The Primary Schools are supported through projects such as, adult education, supply of drinking water, intercultural partnerships and aid for disaster victims. The integration of the different projects highlight the holistic nature of the work.

The work is carried out by local partners whose aim is that the projects will be financially self-sustaining within a five year period. In that regard, the most important consideration is to strengthen local capabilities and resources, as well as supporting initiative and responsibility.

The goal is "helping people to help themselves in order to help others". The values and principles of the domino work are based on
the Bible.


Those who care for the poor, honor Good"

The Bible





Wir können helfen Orte
zu schaffen,
von denen
der helle Schein der Hoffnung in die Dunkelheit der Erde fällt.

We can help to
create places, out of which the bright light of hope shines unto the darkness
of the world.

Friedrich  von Bodelschwingh

Netlution GmbH fördert mit Spende für  Schulen in Bangladesh

Für unseren Schulauf-/ausbau sind wir stets auf der Suche nach neuen Unterstützern,
die uns mit unserer Bildungs-initiatiative unterstützen. 

Wir freuen uns,  Netlution  hierfür begeistert zu haben
und danken herzlichst 
für ihre Spende. Netlution unterstützt unser Projekt dankenswerter-weise mit der Beteiligung an der notwendigen Hardware-ausstattung.