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Shirts and blouses
At the domino schools in Bangladesh all children wear school uniform. This helps especially the children from poor families, to go with good clothes to school, and it strengthens their self-esteem. The parents are very grateful for this and the students are enthusiastic about it and the children show to which school they belong to..
Pro shirt / blouse approx. 4 Euro

School sponsorship
To enable children from poor families to attend a good school, there are domino school sponsorship. This stands on 3 pillars:
The parents pay about 20-30 cents per month; The teachers will find a person or company from Bangladesh who will pay monthly € 1-2 for these children, and domino will take care of the rest. The teachers of the different schools know the families and know who is needy and who just does not want to pay the school fee.
School sponsorship for 3 children.
is monthly € 25

food packages
Very needy families from the domino sponsorship program receiving a food package with basic food (rice, salt, sugar, lentils, oil and soaps for washing clothes, etc.). This helps them practically and encourages them to regularly send their children to school.
Per food package about 10 €

The chickens and ducks laid too little eggs..
Shamim Hassan is a student in a domino school. He lives near his school with his grandmother; His parents live about 25 kilometers away. He has a younger brother who lives with his parents. His father is a day-laborer. The income of the parents is not enough to supply both children and send them to school. Shamim therefore lives with his grandmother and was included in the sponsorship program, in which the parents or other members of the family contribute 20-30 cents per month to the school fee.
The grandmother has some chickens, ducks and goats. The sale of eggs from the chickens and ducks is their daily source of income. She collects grass in the fields and on the roadsides to feed the animals. The grandmother lives with her grandson from hand to mouth. During the monsoon season the chickens and geese did not get enough food and therefore they laid fewer eggs.

Shamim's grandmother, therefore, could not raise the 20 cents in the last months besides her running expenses. Shamim was too shy to talk with the teachers about it; He felt guilty and did not go to school anymore.
When he was absent for a long time at school, the class teacher and the head- master visited the grandmother to find out why Shamim was not coming to school. So they heard that the grandmother did not have enough income to pay a monthly 20 cent school fee, because the chickens and the ducks did not l lay enough eggs. The teachers have discussed with the grand-mother various ways to improve and stabilize their financial situation. Shamim is grateful that he can go back to school regularly.

The support of the domino schools, the school children and their families is always geared towards helping in a practical way.

Wir können helfen Orte
zu schaffen,
von denen
der helle Schein der Hoffnung in die Dunkelheit der Erde fällt.

We can help to
create places, out of which the bright light of hope shines unto the darkness
of the world.

Friedrich  von Bodelschwingh

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