About us:

The domino Foundation is active in building junior high schools up to standard/grade 8. All domino school projects are carried out by local partners with the joint intention to pave the way out of poverty.

In Germany the Foundation is supported by a Friendships fellowship. All members are active on a charitable basis.

The Objectives of domino:

“Receive help with the intent to help others”


“Those who extend mercy to the
poor honour God”



With regular or once off donations you will be providing essential contributions towards the success of our projects. We heartily invite you to become a regular supporter of domino’s activities.


School sponsorship

A further possibility of support is by joining the school sponsorship program. Three sponsors are necessary to support the school sponsorship-program, yourself, a local sponsor in Bangladesh and the family of the child (about 20 cents per month depending on their financial situation). Two to three children can be sponsored with a monthly contribution of € 15.

Wir können helfen Orte
zu schaffen,
von denen
der helle Schein der Hoffnung in die Dunkelheit der Erde fällt.

We can help to
create places, out of which the bright light of hope shines unto the darkness
of the world.

Friedrich  von Bodelschwingh

Netlution GmbH fördert mit Spende für  Schulen in Bangladesh

Für unseren Schulauf-/ausbau sind wir stets auf der Suche nach neuen Unterstützern,
die uns mit unserer Bildungs-initiatiative unterstützen. 

Wir freuen uns,  Netlution  hierfür begeistert zu haben
und danken herzlichst 
für ihre Spende. Netlution unterstützt unser Projekt dankenswerter-weise mit der Beteiligung an der notwendigen Hardware-ausstattung.