How do we work

The domino - foundation Germany provides education for all children especially for those from underprivileged families, to help lay the foundation to overcome poverty and develop skills to build a better future.

domino objectives:

1. Values

All children of the community, regardless of their religious, ethnic, or social backgrounds are welcome. domino Values are demonstrated by love, humility, friendliness, finical transparency, honesty, respect, generosity and through an attitude of service and practical help.

The domino Values are based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ; however, domino schools are not religious institutional schools.

2. Excellency
The country is facing an enormous educational challenge. State schools have limited resources and equipment. Therefore is domino giving great importance to well-trained teachers through regular teachers training, especially in interactive teaching methods.
Excellency will also be achieved in every aspect of school life, like punctuality, cleanliness, discipline for children and teachers. In care and  respect and love towards children and guardians and in communication with the local community.

3. Self-support & Sponsorship Program

It is the goal that after the beginning investments the school running expenses increasingly through School fees and Sponsorship programs being covert.
The high standard of education provides an opportunity for children from all levels of society to attend the domino schools. The school fees will be as low as possible but realistically calculated in order to cover the operating costs.

Sponsorship Program

The families who are not able to pay the school fee can apply for sponsorship. The school teacher will visit these family homes and after an evaluation will be decided if Sponsorship is needed.

The domino sponsorship program is available for underprivileged families have three pillars:

  1. The child’s family will partake according to their financial capability.
  2. The Bangladesh donors will provide a sustainable support of the monthly school fee.
  3. The German sponsors will provide next to investments the needed finance towards the school fee. With the provision of 15 Euro two to three children can visit the domino school.
  •  Taking initiative

To accomplish the school projects we rely on the capabilities and the resources of the local people with whom we work. Sustainability is dependent on the initiative and responsibility of our partners. From the beginning the concept of independence has shaped the cooperation.

  •  In Partnership

From the beginning local partners carry the main responsibility for the planning and implementation. Through that we want to guarantee that the project will continue under local leadership after the support phase.

  •  Continuously

People from the domino foundation monitor the development of the schools and projects through the continuous exchange of information. Regular visits give the opportunity for adjustment and mutual encouragement. Some problems can only be solved on the spot.

  •  Economically

The economic aspects are a priority. The levying of reasonable school fees is necessary for the independence of the schools. Hence, it is important to support the families in their efforts to provide the school fees by themselves.

  •  Quality conscious

We emphasize good quality in education. The teachers of the domino schools are obligated to regularly undertake advanced training. Good cooperation between the local domino partners of the schools is important.


We have reached our goal when our help equips and encourages people to help others.

Wir können helfen Orte
zu schaffen,
von denen
der helle Schein der Hoffnung in die Dunkelheit der Erde fällt.

We can help to
create places, out of which the bright light of hope shines unto the darkness
of the world.

Friedrich  von Bodelschwingh

Netlution GmbH fördert mit Spende für  Schulen in Bangladesh

Für unseren Schulauf-/ausbau sind wir stets auf der Suche nach neuen Unterstützern,
die uns mit unserer Bildungs-initiatiative unterstützen. 

Wir freuen uns,  Netlution  hierfür begeistert zu haben
und danken herzlichst 
für ihre Spende. Netlution unterstützt unser Projekt dankenswerter-weise mit der Beteiligung an der notwendigen Hardware-ausstattung.